Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer an online catalog?
    You can view and download all catalogs online.
  • The screws I received with my cabinet hardware are not long enough to work on my cabinets. Can you send longer screws?
    With most of our hardware, we package 1" screws to accommodate standard ¾" door fronts. We also offer screws in various other sizes, and you should be able to find the appropriate metric or 8/32" screw length at your local hardware store.
  • How can I tell where a particular Amerock part is manufactured?
    We list the country of origin for all Amerock products on the packaging.
  • Does Amerock manufacture pulls with a 3-1/2" or 2-1/2" hole center?
    Our standard pull has a 3" hole center, but we do have some wire type pulls and solid brass pulls with a 3-1/2" hole center and a few 2-1/2" hole center.
  • What size appliance hardware do you carry?
    Amerock currently carries appliance pulls sized 8" to 12", center to center.
  • What size screws come with the appliance hardware?
    All appliance hardware comes with 5 sizes of screws- ¾", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", and 1-3/4".
  • How do I install my appliance hardware?
    Please refer to you appliance manufacturer’s instruction guide for installation of after-market hardware. Professional installation is recommended.
  • I cannot find pulls to fit my hole pattern. What can I do?
    If your hole pattern is smaller than your new pull size, then use a backplate. The backplate will cover the old holes. If your hole pattern is larger than your new pull size, then you can use a backplate or one of our many pulls with stems large enough to cover the old holes.
  • In order to buy hinges, I need to know what type of doors I have on my cabinets. Please explain the door types:
    There are 3 basic door types: 1) FLUSH- door is inset into the frame so the door and frame are flush with each other. 2) INSET – part of the door insets into the frame and part overlays the door.  In other words, the back of the door is routed out around the edge, usually 3/8" by 3/8". 3) OVERLAY- the back of the door is flat and it overlays the frame.
  • I have a hinge that is old and I am trying to identify it. Is there some one who can help?
    It is difficult to identify a hinge based on a verbal description. We recommend you take the hinge to your local hardware or home improvement store. You may find the same style hinge at the store or the store personnel may be able to identify the application required. Alternatively, you can send a sample to Amerock's Customer Service department: Amerock Corporation Attn: Customer Service/Consumer Specialist 116 Exmore Road, Mooresville, NC 28117. Please include your name, shipping address, telephone number and a note stating what you need and when you purchased them.
  • What is a load rating on a drawer slide?
    A load rating determines the maximum amount of weight a set of drawer slides can handle under normal usage. Load rating is based on an 18" drawer slide so load rating for short and longer drawer slides may vary slightly.
  • How do I know what kind of drawer slides that I have?
    The best way to determine what type of drawer slide that you have is to match up the color, length and hole patterns with available slides.
  • How do I know if the hardware currently on my cabinets is Amerock product?
    The majority of our hardware is stamped with the letter “A” with a complete circle around it.  This stamp can be found on the underside of the hardware.
  • If I special order your products from a home center how long will I have to wait to receive my order?
    Generally it takes 7-10 business days to process your order and have it shipped to you.  If the product you have ordered is currently out of stock, then it may take longer.
  • As a consumer, I was wondering if I could purchase through a Distributor?
    Typically most Distributors sell in bulk, however we do have a distributor that sells in broken cartons. To locate your local Distributor. A list of dealers in your area is coming soon...
  • What materials are used in decorative hardware?
    Our products are made of brass, zinc die-cast, aluminum, steel, wood, plastic, acrylic, crystal, ceramic and porcelain.
  • Does Amerock hardware need cleaning and how would I do that? How about Brass?
    When necessary, decorative hardware is best cleaned with warm water, mild soap and dried immediately with a soft cloth.
  • Do you offer hinges to match all of the Amerock knobs and pulls?
    We offer a wide variety of hinges to match our knobs and pulls. Please keep in mind that not all of the hinges are available in all finishes and styles. To find out if a certain piece of our hardware is available in a specific finish, please refer to the Catalog or call Customer Service at 800-435-6959.
  • What is Amerock's Guardian Lifetime Guarantee?
    The Guardian™ Lifetime Guarantee represents the highest quality standards on select Amerock decorative hardware styles. For additional information on the Amerock Guardian Lifetime Guarantee, please visit Warranty
  • Does your product come with a Warranty?
    Amerock Corporation guarantees the Amerock knobs, pulls, and hinges against defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the product. Amerock will replace the defective product with a new product of the same or comparable style and quality. For more information, visit Warranty.
  • Can I purchase Amerock hardware directly from this Website?
    No, currently our website is not designed to receive orders. Please refer to the Where To Buy section of our website for a list of retailers.
  • Can I purchase Amerock hardware off the Internet?
    Yes, please refer to the Where To Buy section of our website for a list of online retailers.
  • I went to a local retailer, and they did not have what I wanted in stock, where can I buy it? 
    Many of these stores may have a special order program, and they can special order it for you.  Please ask your local retailer for details.
  • Can I order Amerock hardware and have it shipped directly to my home?
    Yes, many retail stores offer a special order program in which Amerock would ship hardware directly to a consumer's residence. Please ask a store associate for details on this program.
  • Can I purchase directly through Amerock? If not, where can I purchase Amerock?
    Please visit the Where to Buy section of the website.

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